Plastic food containers

Why You Should Avoid BPA Plastics

You have likely heard on the news or from a friend that you should be wary of BPA plastics. Short for bisphenol A, BPA is an industrial chemical that has been in use for decades. It is primarily used during the manufacturing for certain plastics and epoxy resins. However, sometimes the BPA used in food and drink packaging can seep into the product, which is then ingested. Whenever possible, you should pick packaging supplies in Minneapolis that do not contain any BPA.

What are Health Risks Associated with BPA?

Most people are not exposed to enough BPA to notice adverse effects. However, research has indicated that there are health risks associated with BPA, particularly for children, infants, and fetuses. The brain and prostate gland may be affected; some studies even indicate a link between increased blood pressure and BPA exposure.

The Food and Drug Administration is continuing to assess the possible risks associated with BPA in food packaging. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to limit your exposure.

First, choose BPA-free plastics and other alternatives like glass and stainless steel whenever possible. You should also avoid microwaving plastics or putting them in the dishwater, since the heat may cause the plastic to break down and leak more BPA. At our company, we offer many packaging supplies in Minneapolis for food companies looking to avoid BPA for their customers’ safety; reach out to learn more.