Why Use Tamper Proof Measures?

Tamper-Evident CapsTamper-evident caps are an essential safety precaution for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products – and with good reason. These caps let your consumers know that the item you are about to enjoy may not be safe if the seal is broken.


You are likely familiar with the standard tamper-evident caps. These options are caps that have been attached to a ring that you have to break to open the bottle. You generally see these types of caps on sodas and other drinks. When you use these caps, you are letting the consumers of your product know that no one has accessed your beverage since it left the factory.


When it comes to pharmaceuticals, tamper-evident caps are used for a different reason. Over-the-counter medications did not always have these caps. These caps were created to keep individuals from tampering with or stealing medication while it sat on shelves at local grocery and drug stores. On top of creating new, tamper-proof caps and foils, the government made it a federal offense to tamper with medication.


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