The Importance of Tamper-Evident Caps

Tamper-Evident CapsOur modern life is filled with comforts and conveniences that many of us take for granted–which includes our safety. People buy drinks from vending machines and over-the-counter medications without much of a second thought. However, the reality of the situation is that all it takes is one bad actor to create a panic.


Tamper-evident caps and packaging have become a part of our daily, consumer-oriented lives. They are found in many forms, such as the breakable seal on drink bottles or a peel-able foil seal on many medications and personal products. These are visual signs that the end-user can look for to ensure the items they are buying are safe and ready to use.


The United States government made tampering with consumer packaging a federal offense in the 1980s. Many product manufacturers have reinforced these protections by adding tamper-evident devices on cardboard boxes, bottles, and other packaging. It is a cost-effective tool that reinforces the trust that must exist between a company and its consumers.


By working with a packaging design company, you can seamlessly integrate tamper-evident caps and seals into your products. If you need to design or update your packaging to fit with safety standards, contact a package design company.