The Benefits of Using Bottleneck Labels to Brand your Product

Bottleneck LabelsDeciding where and how to display your brand is an important decision. You want it to be prominent enough to attract your customer’s attention, but you don’t want your brand to overpower the individual product’s design. For drinks, bottleneck labels have become a popular solution.


Why is the neck so popular among bottle and labeling services? It offers an eye-catching placement for your branding without distracting from your product’s main label. Since people must open the bottle to consume your drink, they are certain to see your brand on the neck and thus more likely to take note of it and remember it later.


In addition, by placing your branding on the bottleneck, there is more space left on the bottle’s main label for compelling graphic designs and information. The body of the bottle will be less crowded and thus more attractive to the eye for modern customers, who tend to favor minimalism. Likewise, you can more easily fit in any additional details that are important to convey, such as nutritional claims, your motto, and so on.


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