Quality Standards in Product Packaging

Quality StandardsISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization. While it may not sound glamorous or exciting, ISO plays a critical role in quality control for industries worldwide. Without ISO quality standards in place, both businesses and customers would suffer.


Several overarching ISO standards influence package concepts and materials. However, there are also packaging-specific standards, such as:


ISO 15378: This standard applies to package materials used for medicinal products. Its goal is to reduce safety hazards and the risk of product contamination while also boosting product longevity.


ISO 13127: Child safety is a big concern for packaging companies. ISO 13127 dictates the standards for companies that manufacture child-resistant packaging to improve safety. It also includes information relevant to reclosable packaging systems.


ISO 13274: Transporting dangerous goods carries many risks. ISO 13274 aims to mitigate some of those risks by explaining the best practices for packaging hazardous materials during transportation. For instance, it explains plastic compatibility testing for intermediate bulk containers that are used to transport liquids and powders in bulk.


When purchasing package concepts and materials be sure to buy from a supplier that holds the proper ISO accreditations. You and your customers will benefit from regulatory compliance and superior quality.