Protect Your Youngsters with Child-Resistant Packaging

Tamper-Evident CapsYour company takes safety very seriously with every product that goes out of its doors. One of the prime concerns is keeping children safe from accidental poisoning. Your company does its part by using tamper-evident caps that clearly show that a container has been interfered with and should not be used by consumers. These products are sealed and not easy to open.

When a product is stored in the house, there’s a chance that your child can get their hands on it. To prevent a tragedy, it is wise to use child-resistant packaging. This packaging is tested thoroughly before it meets government standards and requires that most children of a specified age cannot open this container. When it comes to your child’s safety, high standards are an absolute must.

Such containers resist tampering by children, but it may be possible for a youngster to get a bottle opened somehow. These are child-resistant, not child-proof. With this in mind, we urge parents to store household cleaning supplies, prescription, and over-the-counter medicines in cupboards that are out of a child’s reach and locked if possible. You simply cannot be too cautious when it comes to the safety of your children.