Methods for Sterilizing Plastic Packaging

Plastic Bottle Packaging Suppliers in MinneapolisMaking sure that your plastic packaging has been properly sterilized is now more important than ever. We’ve gathered some helpful advice on how to sterilize plastic packaging at home from our plastic bottle packaging suppliers in Minneapolis:


Boil the Plastic – Many of us are already familiar with the process of boiling bottles or other plastic items to ensure that they are properly sterilized. By doing this, you can efficiently get rid of that pesky one percent of germs that don’t respond well to soap and lukewarm water.


Put Items in the Dishwasher – Modern dishwashers already account for the more dangerous bacteria and viruses out there with long, hot rinse cycles. If your dishwasher has a sterilize setting on it, you can pop any item in the top rack and set it appropriately to ensure that it is cleaned correctly.


Use the Microwave – This method is similar to the process of boiling a plastic item, as it more or less has the same effect. That said, it is important to make sure that the item you are placing in the microwave is considered microwave or dishwasher safe, and that you fill it with water to help minimize the chance of the material melting.


We hope this advice can help you keep you safe. If you are seeking quality plastic bottle packaging suppliers, you can trust the team at Packaging Concepts Inc. to assist you. Our company is known for providing safe and effective products for your needs.