Innovative Packaging and Design Solutions for 2020

Packaging and Design SolutionsWith the New Year arrives new opportunities to leave an impact on your consumers. While your product catalog is full of wondrous things that will improve people’s lives, none of that matters if the packaging is dull and can’t attract attention. People want to be impressed, and marketing departments are on a perpetual mission to give the impression their items are the best in the world.


The year 2020 is a time to shine, and packaging and design solutions are also gearing up for change. Here are some of the industry trends that you can expect when it comes to package design:


Packages That Tell a Story: A successful brand is one that communicates. This ethos translates directly to what’s on the box. If you primarily sell your products through an online store, then the packaging is even more important–it’s all the consumer will have to work with when their mouse pointer is hovering over the “Order” button.


Metamorphoses: One graphic design trend that is rising in popularity is anthropomorphism–ascribing animalistic features to people and the products they consume. Certain animals impose a certain persona, and the same can be translated through items like coffee, sleep aids, and virtually anything in between. Using specific imagery can ascribe one object’s traits onto what you are selling.


Maximalism: As economists predict an economic downturn in 2020, many packaging and design teams are placing an emphasis on opulence and luxury and putting it on the ordinary. People are looking for high-end experiences from what they buy–even if it’s an everyday item like shampoo or simple food like a carton of eggs. Expect intricately designed labels with bold color palettes on the things you use the most.


Packaging and design solutions will surely change as the year continues. While marketing is an ongoing series of experimentation and revision, having the right packaging can set a solid foundation for customer experience.