How Personal can Your Packaging Get?

Cosmetic bottle containers with green herbal leavesLet’s get personal here. As a manufacturer, you may think you are a long way from your customer. Even in a global market, this is not true anymore. You want your customers to feel like they can get up close and personal, especially when you want them to be with you and your product for the long term.

The answer is personalization in package concepts and materials. This does not mean you have to put the customer’s name on the product, but Coca-Cola in the United Kingdom has done before this successfully. Instead, this means working on your packaging to establish a connection.

There are several ways to make that connection. Perhaps, it could be a message on the package that conveys good wishes or shows concern. Maybe, it could be through targeting customers by appealing to a certain niche. Another tactic would be by getting the customer involved. Also, still, another would be by making many different designs, so the packaging on an individual purchase would stand out from the rest.

You want to build customer engagement with your product to promote loyalty, which results in increased sales and revenue. Look around at what others are doing and see about finding a reputable packaging company for recommendations about getting personal

We use package concepts and materials to personalize your packaging. By making a connection with the customer, manufacturers foster brand loyalty.