Food Packaging Trends in 2020

Food Packaging TrendsThere’s an old saying that people eat with their eyes. While your customers won’t actually eat your food packaging, it’s always important to ensure the way your product is contained and labeled entices their interest. Make sure you stay in touch with your target market by following the latest trends in packaging and design solutions. The following are some of the concepts that industry leaders and growing brands are utilizing in 2020.


Minimalism: People are bombarded with graphics and information all day. Perhaps that’s why minimalism has become such a popular and enduring design trend. You’ve likely noticed that major company logos have been becoming simpler as time goes by–Starbucks, for example. The same phenomenon has been occurring with food packaging.


Personalization: Surveys indicate that millennials and Gen Z customers would like more personalization options for food and drink products. After all, a small treat personalized with a name or short message is a much more memorable gift than just the treat alone. These options are also popular for weddings and other special occasions.


Transparent Labeling: People want to know what they are eating. That’s why transparent labeling has become one of the latest mainstays in packaging and design solutions. This strategy is especially effective for health-conscious products using primarily “whole” ingredients.