Fluorination Treatment for Plastic Containers

Fluorination TreatmentPlastic containers are used for a wide variety of products and are known for their reliability and accessibility.


Many containers that are intended to hold certain substances or chemicals are often treated with a process called fluorination. This step, which plastic bottle packaging suppliers such as Packaging Concepts, Inc. takes, is intended to strengthen the bottle. It eliminates a phenomenon called “paneling,” which occurs when the sides of a plastic bottle appear to sink inwards. The bottle is treated with fluorine gas, and the atoms in the gas bond with the plastic and create a permanent barrier.


This treatment not only helps the bottle maintain its structural integrity, but it has many other benefits as well. Fluorinated containers that you can get from plastic bottle packaging suppliers are also less permeable while being less prone to discoloration, weight loss, and odor emission.


Fluorination is ideal for plastic bottles that are intended to hold products such as acetone, degreasers, flavors, gasoline, solvents, herbicides, paint thinners, and many others.


When you are searching for a supplier for your plastic bottles, make sure you choose one that offers this process for their products. In that way, you can be assured of getting the right containers to meet your needs for quality and safety.