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The Advantages of Glass Packaging

With more and more health conscious consumers moving away from plastic food packaging, glass is a great way to ensure your brand sticks out against the competition. As the most trusted packaging for health, taste, and the environment, there are many benefits of utilizing glass for your food containers.

The Advantages of Glass Food Packaging

  • Glass is endlessly recyclable and will never lose its quality or purity
  • Of all recovered glass, 80% is made into new glass products
  • Glass containers can go from the recycling bin to a shelf in only 30 days
  • Glass is nonporous and impermeable, meaning the flavor of its contents is never impacted
  • Glass has a nearly zero rate of chemical interactions, ensuring its contents stays fresh
  • Glass packaging is overall healthier for consumers and their families than plastic
  • Glass packaging looks more appealing on the shelf
  • Glass never loses its shape or colors like plastic packaging and containers

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