A Fantastic Concept for Paint “Cans” – Plastic!

Plastic Paint ContainersMetal paint cans are a staple in home improvement stores. Although they serve as durable paint containers, metal cans are eyesores and major components of landfills. Metal containers can be a health risk for people and animals because it is practically impossible to use all the paint inside cans. In response, some paint companies have begun using package concepts and materials featuring plastic.


An Eco Friendlier Choice for Paint Containers

Tin-coated steel is the main component of most metal paint cans. While tin alone will not rust, rust can develop on the surface of metals coated in tin. This fact makes most paint cans a threat to the environment. Plastic containers offer the same functionality and durability as the metal variety without the possibility of tainting the soil or water with rust.


The Versatility of Plastic Paint Cans

The traditional sizes of paint cans include ounces, pints, quarts, and gallons. Because of plastic’s manufacturing versatility, it is the ideal choice to fabricate paint containers of all sizes. Plastic paint cans are easier to carry than metal cans because steel is heavier than plastic. If necessary, consumers can pour paint from larger containers into smaller ones for jobs that do not require a lot of paint.


Make a Name for Your Products

Most people don’t expect to see plastic paint cans on the shelf when they shop for home improvement supplies. As such, your products will stand apart from all those metal cans because they are different. You can also attract attention to your plastic containers with labels that enhance your package concepts and materials. You can place an advertising sticker just about anywhere on a plastic container, and it will stay in place with the help of a strong adhesive.