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How to Find Package Concepts and Materials to Make Your Products Stand Out

Package Concepts and MaterialsYour product packaging is one of the major ways consumers identify with your company. It’s a source of branding just as much as it is a vehicle for distribution, so it only makes sense to use the best materials possible.

Working with a company like Packaging Concepts, Inc. is the most intelligent way to get your products to your customers. We’ll tell you what to look for when you want package concepts and materials that meet your needs.

You need to find a company that offers containers and packaging in the types, sizes, and materials that meet your industry standards. Ideally, the company you choose will also be able to offer custom labeling. In this way, you won’t have to use more than one supplier to handle your package concepts and materials. Using a single-source supplier will save you time and money.

Companies with a lot of experience will help you choose the best products to handle your inventory needs. They can print simple designs for storage purposes or flashy ones for marketing purposes. They also know the value of fluorination for helping plastic bottles maintain their shape and integrity, for example. That’s why it pays to shop around for a supplier that has a lot to offer for packaging concepts.

How Tamper-Proof Bottles Work

Tamper-Proof BottlesYou want to consistently provide the best products possible for your customer base. That’s true whether you’re a small supplier or a major manufacturer. We can help at Packaging Concepts, Inc. by providing valuable information on how tamper-proof bottles work. You can use this knowledge to find a supplier for the containers you need to distribute your products in complete confidence. Your customers can choose them with the same level of trust.

The ubiquitous child-resistant bottles are the primary types of tamper-proof bottles with which we’re all familiar. They are obviously designed to prevent children from accessing the contents of a bottle. It’s easy to think of many products with such closures, with medicines being the most common. There are four different types of child tamper-proof bottles:

  • Line-Up the Triangles
  • Push the Tab Down and Turn
  • Squeeze Sides and Turn
  • Push Cap Down and Turn

The names are pretty self-explanatory for these closure systems. The key is that the opener needs to apply a combination of dexterity, strength, and reading skills that many young children do not have.

Tamper-evident caps can provide evidence that the product has already been opened and therefore should be treated with caution if just purchased from a retailer. It could mean the container has been damaged in shipping with the seal being broken, for instance.

These caps and closures are an intelligent way to add an extra level of security to all your products and peace of mind for your customers, too.