Posts made in December 2020

Why Tamper-Evident Caps Exist

Tamper-Evident CapsWhy would there be a need for tamper-evident caps in any industry? Due to the multitude of packaging products we use, whether it is for beauty, food, or pharmaceuticals, having these types of caps can help us determine whether something is safe to use or not. Mainly used for public safety, tamper-evident caps also exist to ensure companies can distribute their products without fear of any mishaps going unnoticed. It’s also easy for customers to report back to these companies if they find one of their many items has been tampered with, so they can then take the next steps to preventative measures.

There’s a multitude of caps and lids that Packaging Concepts, Inc. produces for their clients. Tamper-evident caps are usable for more industries and have been helpful in keeping products fresh as well. The story behind these caps begins after an incident where a malicious person replaced Tylenol capsules with cyanide in bottles distributed to retail stores. To prevent this ever happening again, people are advised to throw out and report any bottles that have a broken tamper-evident cap.

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Investing in Package Concepts and Materials for Pet Care Products

Package Concepts and MaterialsWhen we think about all the products and things we purchase, these everyday items’ physical packaging has a lot of thought behind it. What packaging suits our product best? You could ask this very question about the products you get for your furry, feathery, or scaly best friends. Pet care products are also part of the massive client list served by packaging companies like Packaging Concepts, Inc. They fulfill all the needs for all their package concepts and materials so that you have the most reliable and efficient packaging for your pet products.

Pet care products need to be appropriately durable and spill-proof because there’s never a dull moment when it comes to our furry friends. Package concepts and materials include considering the shape bottles need to be, what lids they should have, and other features that make life a little easier for customers. Investing in pet care packaging is a win to get the best use of your manufacture or consumer products.

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